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    On the following three pages I put together a short summary of important dates in history. In case you find important events not mentioned, or data incorrect please let me know.

    On the first page you will see the dates before the common era (BC).

    The second page starts with the birth of Jesus so it is still before Christ, as he was born prior to his previously calculated birth. Still I just call this page A.D. for Anno Domini.

    The third page contains events starting in the 20th century or later.

    You may also want to check out my page about economic history.

    On the first page you will see a lot of philosophical dates. Although there were also some technological inventions worth mentioning, I couldn't really find who invented it and when. Just to mention two examples are the development of our alphabet (Greek and ?) or the numbers (Indian but when) and the usage of the wheel (when used for pots and when started to be used for transportation?).

    The second page is a lot centered around European-Christian events, but this information was most easily available to me.

    In general I tried to put on events that still influence our life nowadays. Instead of the invention of the automobile by Karl Friedrich Benz 1885 I rather mention Henry Ford who made the automobile available.

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