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When I started looking into creating a webpage I started with free software like Netscape Navigator Gold or Microsoft FrontPage Express, that are not available anymore today. So I switched to Microsoft Frontpage , but I am not very satisfied because it can suddenly do things you don't want. So I think I have to look at Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive .

In the meantime I am using HomeSite V 1.2 from September 17, 1996. It is freeware. The original site for Macromedia HomeSite is Macromedia HomeSite, but for convenience I put a link on my page to download the old version from my website.

Anyway I needed some ideas what to put on my page. Although I found some templates, I noticed that content comes first. Later on I realized that you have to present it nicely. First I looked at how not to do it with Web Pages That Suck by Vincent Flanders who also helps you Fixing Your Web Site. Later on I found a book that helped me to present it with Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst.

For usablity I read Steve Krug's "Don't make me think", who claims that it is not rocket surgery, webpages about usability are e.g. by Jakob Nielsen and Useable Web.

To see how it looked like see under*/

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Although this is a newer page I still used some animated gifs to get some color.

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