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Martin Franck

Hi ! It's me. For the very first time with my own Home Page. I want to present myself and many lovely things I do here.

I was not born in the USA, neither in a cold, full hospital. No Sir ! Not even at home!
I was born in a little, old fashioned, warm and nice private clinic in the West End in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. My dear mother says, it happened very fast, so she could take me home the same day.

What a day, I still remember it, or at least my mother does ! It was in the spring month May. The flowers began growing, the birds sang their songs to welcome me, what a beautiful day !!!!

Now of course  I have to earn my bread and butter, but least I find my work immensely satisfying. Here is what I do: I am a resident at Charité university hospital.

Here is some arts and literatureI like.

If you'd like to meet the people with whom I hang out, visit my friends' and family members' home pages. Here is a picture of a friend of mine in New York.

Friend's home page

Cousin's home page

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Check out how I created the page.

As I use Microsoft Windows I like this gif. Click on it:

For nostalgia I put up some gifs that used to be popular at some time:

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Top of Page

This page and my CV were the pages with that I started. You don't see a lot of pictures but these funny looking animated gifs at the bottom of the page. At least I did not put an Email gif or even a rotating globe on it.

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